Artist Studios

An artist studio can be a fascinating place: full of trash and treasure, what better subject to paint. These artworks are part of a collection that will continue to grow in the coming years.
Paintings featured below come from the studios of two artists: Wendy Sharpe and Brett Whiteley. 

Hill End

This series of work was developed during my residency at Hill End NSW in 2019, where I visited local cottages and made countless, quick sketches of the interiors, which later evolved into paintings, etchings and large scale charcoal drawings. These paintings of delightfully cluttered cosy interiors are imbued with hospitality and speak of the kind-hearted community I experienced.

The large scale of the charcoal drawings invites the viewer to immerse themselves in the drawings, to almost walk in to the cottages and to become a part of the lives of their occupants, enveloped in the curios, architecture and history of this unique town.

Hill End: limited edition prints

Unframed etchings can be posted worldwide.


Middle Head

The Coomber

Trekking in Nepal

Whilst my practice revolves predominantly around interiors, I do, on rare occasions, engage with landscape. The below works come from a plain-air painting session at Middle Head, a winter trip to Mudgee and a trekking trip in Nepal.

Like Liquid Mountains

Like Liquid Mountains developed in response to a sailing journey from Melbourne to Sydney my husband and I did early in 2019. The adventure took just under 4 weeks during which the boat became our home. Living on a boat for a month was a new experience and took us through a range of notions from blissfully relaxing on our floating prime real estate in pristine beaches to forcing us to endure discomfort and fatigue for days. ‘Like Liquid Mountains’ explores the idea of a home that is also a vehicle, a life saving shelter and a floating prison you can’t escape.

Everyday Mix-Ups

Looking for beauty in the everyday.